Introduction to Currency And Yes No Columns Type in SharePoint

In the previous article, I have explained everything about Number and Choice column types in SharePoint lists. We have seen different behaviors of the column in Lists. Now in this article, let’s cover two more important column types available in SharePoint that are Currency and Yes/No.

In this article, I am going to cover the following topics in detail,

  • Introduction to Currency Column Types
  • Introduction to Yes/No Column Types
  • Summary

Introduction to Currency Column Types

Consider a scenario where we have to store the salary of an employee. Then, we have to use Number column type. In my previous article, I have explained that if we have to store the numeric data, we use Number column. However, SharePoint provides an additional special type of column types called Currency. If we look at the options provided by Currency and Number column types, we find that everything is nearly similar.

Options available in Number column type


Option available in Currency column type


Here, you can see that there is only one additional option available which is,

  • Currency format

    • From here, you can select the currency format in which you can store the value. You will have almost every available currency in the world. This is managed by Regional settings in SharePoint.

Note that this will not allow automatic conversion of one format of currency to another format. This column can be used to maintain the financial calculations only.

A currency column is accurate up to 15 digits to the left and 4 digits from the right decimal. That’s why we can make use of this column type to carry out precise big financial calculations. Also, we can define the maximum and minimum values or show the numbers as a percentage. One more difference between Number column and Currency columns is in their presentation. When we display the currency value in ListView, it will display the currency symbol also. For information, please refer to the following image.


Here, you can see that there is Euro symbol displayed. This is not available with Number column types.

Introduction to Yes/No Column Type

While designing an input form, we come across the fields that should take input in only two values – Yes or No. For example, the Married field can have only 2 values – Yes or No. In order to take the input from such values, SharePoint provides Yes/No column type. This column can be used to store the binary Yes and No values. This field cannot contain multiple values. There are various properties available with this column type. Please refer to the below image.


Here, you can see that this field does not provide any new settings. Here, we can only configure the default value as Yes or No. This control will be rendered in checkbox format. For example, see the below image.


If you are using this form in a modern layout, in that case, you will be seeing a toggle button. Because modern layout uses fabric controls and that renders Yes No column as a toggle button. For more details, refer to the following image.



So in this article, we have seen everything about Currency column type and Yes/No column types. We have also seen the options available in both the column types. Also, we have seen the scenarios where we can use these columns. In the next article, I am going to explain everything about Person or Group columns.

Any question or feedback or suggestion, please do comment and let me know.

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