How to Upload Document In Document Library And Save Document To Google Drive Using Nintex Workflow Office 365


You have a document library and you have a Google account associated with Google Drive. Your requirement is that whenever any user uploads the file in document library, that same file should also be uploaded in Google Drive in a particular folder.

So, we can use Nintex Workflow available in Office action, and achieve this requirement.


The following is my document library.


Just click on Library Setting >> Nintex Workflow.


It will open the Nintex Workflow designer in your browser. Click on “New List workflow”.


Now, search “Google Drive upload files” in the Actions and drag and drop that action to the workflow canvas.


Now, double click on the action or click on the down arrow and click Configure.


It will open up the configuration settings of the Google Drive upload file action.


Here are few configurations required.

  • Here, we are uploading the current document so just select “Current Item”   radio button.
  • If you have any folder on your Google Drive and you want to upload the current document to that folder, then enter the name of that Google Drive folder in Destination folder input control.
  • Provide the filename in the Destination filename input control. Here, you can use the current item name context so that the file will be created with the same name as you uploaded the document. You can even choose the name as per your choice.
  • In the Overwrite, you can specify whether the file should be overwritten,  or if the same name, upload files again. The choice is up to you. Also this field is optional here. You can leave the default values.
  • All other options depend on the user’s requirement so I am leaving it up to you.
  • Navigate to “Authorize user” section. Here, you have to enter your Gmail account associated with your Google Drive. Also, make sure that you have current access to the email account.
  • Click on Save.
  • So, after configuring the form, your action will look similar to this.


Now, your workflow is completed. Just click on “Publish” and publish the workflow.


Enter the unique name for the workflow and select “Start when items are created” in the start option and publish.


Once the workflow is published, go to the document library and upload the file. Here, I have uploaded Test Document into document library. 


Important part of the action

Once the workflow is fired, it will send an email to ask for the permission. So, go to your inbox and check the mail. There will be an email from Nintex which will ask permission to access your associated Google Drive.


Here, you have 2 options.

  1. Provide Google Drive account credentials and authorize the access.
    1. If you want to allow access, then click on this link.
  2. Deny access to my Google Drive account
    1. If you don’t know about the source of the workflow, then simply click this and it will not be able to access the Google Drive.

Now, when you click on Provide Google Drive account credentials and authorize access, you will get the following screen.


Just click on “Allow” and you will be redirected to Nintex. Save preferences of the permission screen.


Note that here you have 2 options.

  1. Yes
    If you click on Yes, your choice will be saved to Nintex and next time Nintex can access your Google Drive without sending you the email to ask for your permission.
  2. No
    If you want to allow Nintex to access your Google Drive for this time only, then simply click on No.

And now, you will see that your file will be uploaded to the Google Drive under Document Library folder.


Any question or feedback or suggestion, please do comment and let me know.

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