How to Translate Document From Document Library In Required Language Using Nintex Workflow Office 365

You have a document which has certain instructions written in the English language. As per your requirement, when you upload the document into document library then this document should be converted into the German language and saved as a new document in the same document library.

I have a document with the name “Test Document.docx” in which I have written the text as “My name is Aakash”.

Navigate to the document library in which you want to associate the Workflow and follow the instruction given below.

Click Library Setting, followed by Nintex Workflow.

It will open Nintex Workflow designer in your Browser. Click New List Workflow

Now, search in the Actions “Translate Document”. Drag and drop the action to the Workflow canvas.

Now, double click on the action or click on the down arrow and click Configure.It will open up the configuration settings of the “Translate Document” action.

Here are a few configurations required,

  • In Item, select Current Item if you want to translate current item, else you can select the document library and document too.
  • In Language, select the required language in which the document needs to be converted. Here, I have selected “German”.
  • Provide the location where the converted document should be saved. Here, I have selected current library only. You can select any other document library.
  • Click Save.
  • After configuring the form, your action will look, as shown below.

Now, your workflow is complete. Click Publish and publish the Workflow.

Enter a unique name for the Workflow and select Start when the items are created” in “Start option” and publish. Since I want it, when I upload any new document to document library, then it should be duplicated with the German language too. (You can select any of the start actions here).

Once the Workflow is published, go to the document library and upload the document. In my case, I am uploading “Test Document.docx”Now, once the document is uploaded, the Workflow will fire, and a new file will be created with the name “Test Document_de.docx” in the same document library. Important Note* Workflow may take time, as it depends on the size of your document. Thus, please have patience.

If you open this document, you will see the text given below.

Thus, here you will see that your text is converted into German language. I tested this Workflow action by converting the document in Hindi (Indian language) too. 

Any question or feedback or suggestion, please do comment and let me know.

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